10 tips and life hacks to make life easier for QA

29 czerwca

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy
Feel invited to the next edition of IT talk on Thursday, 29th June at 6 pm in DataArt office in Lublin (Zana Street 39a, 5th floor). Our QA specialists - Svetlana Vasylyeva and Vitaliy Trofimenko will share their experience with you. The language of both presentations is English.

What will be discussed

How to install apps on device emulators? How can I record a video on my device? Where to find an error code or how can be developer console useful? This presentation will help you when Google can't.


Svetlana Vasylyeva

"I have been working in IT just for 5+ years during which I was lucky to participate in more than 10 projects including automation testing, mobile testing, performance testing,  testing of Web applications and of DB. Many projects for travel practice and even for a smart home that included many interesting devices."

Vitaliy Trofimenko

"I’m Vitaliy, a QA engineer in DataArt. I have been working for more than 3 years in IT and have experience in gambling, travelling and financial industries. Familiar with testing of web, mobile and desktop applications, test design and many others QA activities."