It talk LB - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Angular 4

28 września

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

ul. Zana 39A,
6th floor
(DataArt Poland)

Sometimes you can find some approaches not pragmatic. Not because the technologies are wrong, but because the solutions are.

The main problem of the Angular 2+ ecosystem is superficial knowledge. It causes bad software design, makes projects more complicated and relatively more expensive. On the other hand, limited understanding of libraries and frameworks leads to custom implementations and abstractions in pointless cases. It is essential to keep track of good practices and to use them. In this speech. I will tell you about some important parts of Angular 2/4, which can significantly simplify your code and architecture, and tools, which solve real problems.


Oleksandr Tryshchenko works as a Senior JavaScript Developer at DataArt and has been working as a Full Stack JavaScript developer since 2011. At the moment, Oleksandr works mostly with Angular 2/4 and Node.JS (koa.js, express), taking care of strict, structured and tested code in his projects, and tries to organize the efficient process using good development practices.