International Humorous Programming Proggy-Buggy Towel Contest 2021!

25 maja

wtorek, 17:00

Wstęp darmowy
Don't panic! DataArt invites everyone to participate in the informal Proggy-Buggy Contest, the International Comic Blitz-Olympiad in programming, which will be held on May 25, 2021. Due to the numerous requests from the participants of past years, we decided to organize and hold an unofficial tournament so that even more people could get acquainted with our contest, try their hand at it, and prepare for the official competition, which traditionally takes place in the fall.

The date was not chosen by chance. Every year on May 25, fans of the work of British writer, Douglas Adams, celebrate Towel Day. In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which we love very much), he described the towel as the most versatile item that an interstellar traveler can have. It can be of immense practicality when traveling on terrestrial roads or intergalactic space. We propose to take him to help on a journey across the galaxy where our live our heroes, clever Proggy and his sworn friend Buggy.

You shouldn’t take this contest too seriously, but with humor, as is the tradition. And it will take you only 42 minutes (do you remember why?). Blitz, so to speak.

The tournament will be held online and according to simplified rules:

  • only individual registrations are allowed;
  • unchanged categories "Professionals" and "Amateurs";
  • the language of the contest is English;
  • the winners will receive humorous prizes.

We are waiting for apprentices, students, developers, testers, and thrill seekers who travel across the Galaxy, have an idea of how to write programs in any language, know what "console application" and "standard input/output streams" mean, and like to solve problems that have no solutions.

The tasks will be simple, and there will be 13 of them.

The solution to any problem is to make a console application, the source text of which must be sent to the verification server by selecting a programming language from the drop-down list (available languages: C, C++, Free Pascal, Java, Mono C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript).

The winner will be the participant who solves the maximum number of problems in the shortest amount of time. The solutions will be automatically checked on a single server for all participants, thanks to which we will quickly determine the winner.

Description of categories:

  • Amateurs (no experience participating in the National Student (ACM ICPC) or School (IOI) contest in programming of previous years or other programming competitions).
  • Professionals (participants in the National Student (ACM ICPC) or School (IOI) contest in programming of past years or other programming competitions).

Participation is free, registration is required.

We start: May 25, 2020 15:00 (UTC).

To participate, you only need a laptop and a good mood. We will send detailed information, instructions, and training tasks to registered participants.


15:00 - 15:15

The opening and format explanation.

15:15 - 15:57

Solving the tasks.


Sharing our impressions.