IT talk: “Why the World Needs Fewer Pie Charts. Examples based on Pandemic Tracking Sites”

8 września

środa, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy
Everyone (well, almost everyone) likes graphs and charts, but using them properly to bring across the point one wants to show with the available data is a rather tricky thing, and a pie chart doesn’t always cut it.

The past year gave everyone tons of data regarding the progress of the COVID-19 epidemic, along with numerous attempts to visualize it. Juliana Rachinskaya and Alexey Pchelintsev will use samples taken from the wild to analyze the most common mistakes one can make and how to fix them without using Adobe Illustrator.

Language: English

We will discuss:

  • Why everyone likes pie charts.
  • Why a pie chart isn’t always the answer.
  • Examples of real charts – their deficiencies and ways to improve them.
  • Further reading.
  • Followed by a Q&A session.


Juliana Rachinskaya, Marketing Materials Designer, DataArt.
Juliana’s been working as designer in IT since 2014 and for the past 2 years in DataArt.
She believes that design is not just about drawing catchy images and maintaining brand guidelines but more about inclusion and problem solving. Juliana is an MSc in Information Technologies in Design. During her spare time, she is a passionate amateur contemporary dancer and yoga newbie.

Alexey Pchelintsev, Project Manager, DataArt.
Alexey’s been working in IT since 2000, and it’s his second stint at DataArt. He is currently with DataArt Lublin (his previous location was in St-Petersburg).
Like any project manager, Alexey builds multiple reports for all sorts of readers, and often needs to present data for fast consumption. This requires finding the most appropriate form that will highlight specific points. Alexey is an MSc in Physics, and enjoys good beer and designing board games in his spare time.