[Webinar] Test Analysis – typical mistakes made even by QA Seniors

19 stycznia

wtorek, 18:30

Wstęp darmowy
Two years ago, Irina Nenakhova started to lead the internal course “Introduction to Test Analysis” in DataArt.

The course was especially designed for middle and senior QA engineers. It was an interesting professional challenge to prepare the content and answer the question “What can you tell a QA engineer with experience about objects, properties, equivalence classes?” Yet, Irina concentrated on difficulties that even Senior QAs face and the typical mistakes they usually make.

  • Irina will share insights from her experience with projects and from leading the course, making it as practical and useful as possible.
  • Q&A part.


Irina Nenakhova

  • Irina is a Senior QA Engineer at DataArt;
  • Irina’s experience in IT spans over the last ten years and 13 significant projects;
  • Six years ago she chose to develop in the area of QA and since then her love for QA is constantly growing;
  • She keeps on studying, discovering and rediscovering QA and her vocation in that area.


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