IT talk: "FrontEnd. React or not to React? React Native in practical use & React Hooks"

26 czerwca

środa, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

Plac Grunwaldzki 23

We're going to meet on the 26th of June in Wroclaw!

We will talk about two different perspectives of using React. Buckle up! It is going to be a very exciting evening.

React Native after year of practical use.

by Valentyn Vinogradskiy, Software Developer, DataArt, Wroclaw [ENG]

React Native is a new fashion in JS world. Tons of podcasts, tutorials and promotions are spread in the community. But how it looks like to have a real experience with it? What problems you will face during the development? What types of tasks React Native good at and bad at? How to estimate your new coming React Native project? We will try to discuss all these questions and find the answers. We'll share our difficulties and solutions, frustrations and reliefs during this exciting year of developing with React Native.

Valentyn Vinogradskiy, Senior FrontEnd Developer, DataArt, Wroclaw. He has 7 years of experience in Web development. His favorite technology is React and he loves to talk about the framework during his public speeches. For the total happiness all he needs is some quality time with his family, cooking and reading.

Let's go deeper. About React Hooks beyond simple use cases.

by Michał Załęcki, Senior Software Engineer, Tooploox [ENG] 

Hooks are taking React community by storm. In this talk, we explore the versatility of React Hooks, how they can substitute already established patterns, what are new exciting use cases, and address a few gotchas.

Michal Zalecki, Senior Software Engineer, developing smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain and building apps in JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js/React.

Language: English 

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6.05 PM

«React Native after year of practical use.» by Valentyn Vinogradskiy [ENG]

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Coffee break

7.00 PM

«Let's go deeper. About React Hooks beyond simple use cases.» by Michał Załęcki [ENG]

7.45 PM

Networking (beer and pizza time)