IT talk & GeekWeekWro

12 kwietnia

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

DataArt, Plac Grunwaldzki 23,
6th floor

DataArt is happy to invite you to the next IT talk in Wroclaw: IT talk: «Tips & tricks for QA specialist, or How not to get bored while testing».

The Tester's Diary

When I started my adventure with testing, people mostly perceived software testers as "clicking monkeys". Since then, the approach to quality assurance has changed considerably. However, there is still a dominant view that the tester can only click, automate or manage.

Meanwhile, the role of a tester or quality assurance engineer is much more fascinating: game testing, safety testing, system modeling, playing with all kinds of equipment (whether mobile or home appliances), applying artificial intelligence algorithms and working with the end user are just some of the challenges for a tester, that I would like to present as part of my presentation.

Arnika Hryszko

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist at Volvo Group IT.

Experienced software tester, Professional SCRUM Master and coach.

In the industry since 2008. She passed the whole path of a self-respecting professional, ranging from manual testing, via web services, performance testing, mobile applications, data warehouses, business intelligence, embedded systems, advanced automation to using machine learning in testing. In her work, besides obsessive orientation on the highest quality of tested applications, she particularly appreciates close cooperation with those responsible for other areas of application development, helping them understand that testing is not (only) pointing out their errors, but an integral part of the software development process.

Outside working hours she travels, sails, climbs and shoots.

101 of Banking testing

In this presentation the author would like to talk about the terms in banking that are used on daily basis. They will also provide information about most common issues that a tester can find during their work with banking applications. The following part of presentation will be connected to specific problems that can be found on daily basis when testing/programing a bank's API. The final two parts of the speech will cover the upcoming PSD2 standard and why it is nice for users but not for developers/testers and AML (Anti Money Laundry) policy that is sometimes needed when working with banks.

Kosma Baniewicz

QA Engineer at DataArt.

Kosma got their Master's degree from Wrocław University of Technology's faculty of Electronics, Photonics and Microsystems. They also studied Biomedical Engineering at the same university. They started Software Testing as a side job, finding outsourced jobs via the Internet to test mobile apps for different versions of Android. To get more specific knowledge about various topics they completed a course in PGS Software. The next step in their career were jobs for Intive (previously SMT Software Services) and Fenergo (via CShark). They are currently working in DataArt. Outside of testing they are interested in e-sports, movies, TV-series, and regular sports.

The DARK side of... Banking

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Birds were singing as the trees swayed gently in the wind. You looked back at it, and wandered how time deteriorates all things. Once a wonder, an example to follow, now... nothing more than a ruin. And yet, it still operates, something complex and sinister thriving in its core. What once inspired progress, now inspires fear in anyone who as much as looks at it. Those who enter and survive, come out to tell stories of old, complex paths, long forgotten languages, tools no one knows the use of, things they have never imagined existed! And since the books that described it turned to dust years ago, these stories are all that remain...
An introduction to the new dungeon in your upcoming Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Nope, it's a down to earth description of how your Bank operates on the inside. Join us during GeekWeekWro to know how the story unfolds!

Tomasz Wszelaki

QA Automation Specialist, DataArt. Tester with over 7 years of experience who loves breaking things ever since he got his first set of LEGO bricks. Passionate about test automation, integration of testing tools and self-improvement... and electronics... and Dungeons & Dragons... and standup comedy...


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«The Tester's Diary»

Arnika Hryszko

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«101 of Banking testing»

Kosma Baniewicz

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«The DARK side of... Banking»

Tomaz Wszelaki

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