IT talk: «Hystrix. When a failure is inevitable»

4 października

czwartek, 18:00

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Plac Grunwaldzki 23

We are happy to announce a special guest of our upcoming IT talk: Grzegorz Szymanski from DataArt Lublin. He will talk about Hystrix, how it work, when and how it can help. The event will be held on October, 4th.

«Hystrix. When a failure is inevitable»

This presentation is about problems which may happen when using external systems in our application. It shows how we deal with such problems and how Hystrix (in some cases) can help us to do it better.

Grzegorz Szymański

JAVA Sofware Engineer, DataArt, Lublin

I started my adventure with computers in 1989 when my Dad had bought Commodore 64 to play chess with it. I have been working in Java for the over 10 years now. I'm a fan of statically typed programming languages, clean code, and reliable solutions. I believe that a good programmer needs to be open-minded and continually improve his workshop by learning new things.

Language: English.

FREE ENTRANCE! Unfortunately, we have a limited number of places. Please, fill the registration form and wait for our next email.

We host IT talk at our office (map).

The event will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel.


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«Hystrix - When a failure is inevitable

Part 1» by Grzegorz Szymański

6.50 PM

Coffee break

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«Hystrix - When a failure is inevitable

Part 2» by Grzegorz Szymański

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