IT talk: JS Adventure

22 marca

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

DataArt, Plac Grunwaldzki 23,
6th floor

Building Performant API's with Koa.js

Two years ago Alex gave a talk claiming Koa is marvelous. Since then he's uncovered some pitfalls with koa.js way. Now it's time to share that experience and clarify in which cases Koa is a useful tool and vice versa.

Alexandr Tryshchenko

Seven years in IT. JavaScript engineer at DataArt Wroclaw. Typescript fan. Started a career as a full stack PHP developer in 2011 and switched to JavaScript afterward. Due to the types of consulting, we're doing in our company, he had a chance to dive deeply into different Front-End ecosystems such as React, Angular (new and old), Vue.js, and Backbone. All this experience provided him with the understanding that we shouldn't idealize technologies, we should select them depending on common sense and use them where we need them. Now he focuses on the modern Angular ecosystem, Koa.js, RDBMS, and WebRTC.

Building Chrome extensions without pain

Let's start to develop Chromium actions like it's 2018 out there! Zero configuration, React, Redux and testing with Puppeteer.

Alexander Suevalov

Front-end Developer that hasn't stopped writing JavaScript for the last 6 years. Passionate about simplifying processes, automation and order. Conference speaker and football fan.

Scalable Angular Architecture

Building scalable software can be a challenging task. When we think about scalable front-end applications, we can think of increasing complexity, more and more business rules, growing amounts of data loaded into the application and large teams often distributed around the world. In order to deal with this factors, to increase the quality of delivery and prevent technical debt, a robust and well-grounded architecture can help. In this talk I would like to present high level recommendations of well-designed front-end architecture followed by example implementations with the Angular framework. Angular by itself is a quite opinionated framework, forcing developers to do things the "proper" way, yet there are also times where things can go wrong. Starting from proper abstractions between application layers, modular design and lazy loading, to unidirectional data flow and predictable state management, attendees will see how all of these can help to scale a front-end application. There have been many talks about the afore mentioned techniques and patterns, but they have been presented independently. The goal of this talk is to show how these things can fit together to provide a solid and scalable architecture for Angular applications.

Bartosz Pietrucha

Full-stack software engineer, software consultant and the founder of For the last couple of years he has been working with clients from Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland and Finland. Having started his professional career with Java, he delved into JavaScript programming and found the world of front-end extremely fascinating. He wants to share his knowledge via trainings and workshops as it gives him great sat. He speaks at international conferences and is a certified Luxoft trainer, doing workshops across Europe. He has taught advanced front-end technologies in Poland, Israel, and Romania.


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«Building Performant API's with Koa.js»

Oleksandr Tryshchenko, DataArt

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«Building Chrome extensions without pain»

Alexandr Suevalov, Opera Software

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«Scalable Angular Architecture»

Bartosz Pietrucha, Sii Poland

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