IT Talk: «.Net & Code Practices: Writing Code Effectively & Managed Identity in Azure»

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Let’s meet online and talk about effective coding and Managed Identity in Azure!

Title: How to write code efficiently?

Description: Every time you switch from keyboard to mouse and back it takes several seconds. Nowadays IDEs provide possibility to avoid using mouse in almost every main function. I’d like to show you how to write code in IntelliJ with limiting mouse usage to minimum. Also, you will see how easily you can use IntelliJ to learn most of shortcuts just by coding.

Key Points of the Speech:

  • Writing effective codes
  • Discovering the power of keyboard
  • How to navigate in IDE without mouse

BIO: Jacek has been working in the IT industry for 6 years. Starting from testing, he went through business analysis and until today, he develops his skills programming in Java. Along the way, he had short episodes in User Experience, and once trained people in databases and application execution processes in Java. After hours, he loves playing basketball, snowboarding and playing bridge. His real passion is West Coast Swing - an unusual, elegant dance.

Title: Managed Identity in Azure - Case study of using MI for AzureKeyVault and AzureStorage in .NET code.

Description: Many architects/developers do not consider security aspects and code access principles at the design or creation stage. Managed Identity was created in order to manage permissions and application/resource identities "automatically". The use of MI increases security, facilitates control and management and the creation and implementation of solutions in Azure. The speaker will explain the concept of MI and present examples of 2 very popular use cases from .NET code: accessing Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage services from .NET code.

Key Points of the Speech:

  • The use of MI
  • Accessing Azure Key Vault from .Net code
  • Use cases of accessing Azure Storage services from .NET code.

BIO: Jarosław Danilczuk has been involved in the creation and implementation of IT systems for companies since 2002. He has been dealing with Azure and ASP Core since 2015. Security and data protection consultant in small and medium-sized companies. Proponent of the principle: "If something can be automated it should be, man is for creative tasks”.


5:30 PM - 5:35 PM


5:35 AM - 6:20 PM

«How to write code efficiently»

Jacek Bosiacki

6:25 PM - 7:10 PM

«Managed Identity in Azure - Case study of using MI for AzureKeyVault and AzureStorage in .NET code. »

Jaroslaw Danilczuk

7:15 PM