IT talk: «QA. How to improve our project from QA engineer’s point of view?»

29 sierpnia

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

DataArt Wrocław, Plac Grunwaldzki 23

We're going to meet on the 29th of August in Wroclaw! We will talk about various issues that almost every QA Engineer faces in a project.

We will discuss potential issues from the QA Engineer perspective which may cause errors and tensions during project onboarding. Some of the issues connected with onboarding can be a continuous threat during the whole duration of a project, may cause request to change a project or, in the worst-case scenario, termination notice. Some examples will also cover the follow up actions which could be helpful to improve the quality of work and atmosphere in a team.

Kosma Baniewicz, QA Engineer DataArt, Wroclaw

Kosma Baniewicz works as QA Engineer at DataArt. Kosma got his Master's degree at Wrocław University of Technology's faculty of Electronics, Photonics and Microsystems. He also studied Biomedical Engineering at the same university. He started Software Testing as a side job, finding outsourced jobs via the Internet to test mobile apps for different versions of Android. To get more specific knowledge about various topics, he completed a course in PGS Software. The next step in his career were jobs for Intive (previously SMT Software Services) and Fenergo (via CShark).

Language: English.

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«How to improve our project from QA engineer’s point of view?» by Kosma Baniewicz [ENG]

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