Relocation to Wroclaw and Lublin

Relocation to Wroclaw and Lublin
We’ve been designing and building custom software systems since 1997.

DataArt creates and supports innovative solutions that help businesses become a lasting success in the marketplace. Among our clients are Nasdaq, skyscanner, Ocado, Betfair, Meetup, and Regus.

Our Polish development centres are located in Wroclaw and Lublin. Experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA, had joined our Polish centres at various times.

We offer developers from different countries a chance to have interviews at DataArt remotely and use the relocation program to relocate to one of the existing offices.


The relocation program includes: 

  • Relocation compensation — up to 4000 PLN (approx. 1000 USD), added in the first salary after employment
  • Free of charge accommodation in a corporate apartment while searching for a flat (up to a month after the move)
  • Help with relocation paperwork (work permit, stay permit etc).


Vacancies that offer relocation program: 

Junior Site Reliability Engineer, Online Retailer

The perfect match: Juniors who understand software development life cycle, have good understanding of Linux and UNIX-based systems and know how to build and run SQL queries.

Middle Site Reliability Engineer, Online Retailer

The perfect match: This position may be of interest to DevOps engineers who would like to get closer to the code or get valuable specialization with a focus on JVM stack. The position may also appeal to developers who are interested in how large scale systems operate and what happens to the code after it is live.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Online Retailer

The perfect match: Developers and DevOps who will be ready to analyze a diverse set of applications (primarily built using Java, Oracle, AWS, Google Cloud services and a number of other technologies) and bind them into a reliable self-healing suite, working within defined reliability requirements.


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