Solidna dawka Javy na IT talk we Wrocławiu

Solidna dawka Javy na IT talk we Wrocławiu
Dzięki kolejnemu meetupowi z serii IT talk „Java. Through Math to the Stars”, 17 kwietnia wrocławskie biuro opanowała Java.

Bohaterami spotkania byli Dominik Przepióra (Ocado Technology), który zaprezentował „ flight search engine” oraz Marek Będkowski (, który wystąpił z tematem „When grown men cry - challenges of audio-video synchronization”. Spotkanie było prowadzone w języku angielskim.

Dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy wzięli udział w spotkaniu online i offline. Dla tych, którym nie udało się dołączyć do nas na miejscu mamy relację video: flight search engine [EN]

Dominik Przepióra (Ocado Technology)

Today, thanks to low-cost airlines, travelling by plane is becoming affordable for almost everyone. However, it is possible to cut costs even more, just by changing the approach to searching. In this presentation, I will explain why it is worth to look for cycles in flight connections graph. I will describe the algorithms and the architecture of our application, which finds exciting multi-city trips through Europe.

When grown men cry - challenges of audio-video synchronization [EN]

Marek Będkowski (

Meet Hulk - he's a ninja developer who claims that he didn't study computer science to talk to people. After getting to work he helps to adjust layout using CSS, then he solves complicated JavaScript error, only to support DevOps in his bash script and updates Perl script with his new ideas and this is before lunch! Then he disappears in his Java world - this is what he enjoys them most but because he's under big pressure whenever anyone asks him to improve his code his answer is: "There's no time for it!". Half a year ago he presented to his client great library for RTMP processing written from scratch as his client needed. He knew this library would bind him and his client for years, but he didn't envision that this project will be a challenge of his life because of its complexity and amount of knowledge he needed to gain. So he knew already what aac and h264 were, he knew how to do transcoding, he knew how to write audio and video stream separately and build fragmented mp4 (sizing in GB) out of it and serve it over HTTP after at most 2s. But Hulk lives in fear - his deeper, darkest fear that kept him awake was audio-video synchronization. During the talk, you'll get to meet Hulk and some of the challenges he experienced in this project especially in the area of audio-video synchronization.

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